Chapters Four and Five

Lessig, Lawrence. (2004). Free culture: How big media uses technology and the law to lock down culture and control creativity. New York, NY: The Penguin Press.

Chapter 4

Throughout chapter four, Lessig discusses how many of our modern media industry leaders have grown out of what were considered pirates in the industry.
The film industry, for instance, came into existance in California because the starting minds of the business wanted to escape the extreme restrictions present in the Eastern part of the US.
The music industry initially did not have any regulations concerning the copying of music using a fonograph in your own home. Congress amended this in 1909, but it set the minimum price that a publisher would pay the writer of the music.


Chapter 5

In this chapter, Lessig makes distinctions between different types of piracy of content that happens on the internet. He determines that there are four basic types of piracy, and that only one of them is strictly harmful.

Lessig then states that, in order for piracy to be properly regulated, there must be distinctions made between the different types. He also says that corporations must realize that piracy can be helpful in promoting awareness of a product. Finally, companies must be able to make more reaslistic assumptions about the income they are losing as a result of piracy.

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