A Free Economy and What It Will Do to Us

Shapiro, C. (2000). Will E-Commerce Erode Liberty? Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from


In this article, Carl Shapiro discusses the effects of the evolution of the internet on the privacy rights of most Americans. Throughout the article, he notes that there is increasing pressure for information to made free of charge to the entirety of cyberspace. He states that because of this, businesses are scrambling to discover fresh business models that will enable them to continue operating while still providing their services to the public. His final analysis has to do with the somewhat popular practice of selling user information to other corporations, which is of course where his underlying question regarding liberty comes from.

Kaser, R. (2000, May). If Information Wants to Be Free . . . Then Who’s Going to Pay for It? D-Lib Magazine, 6(5). Retrieved from


In this article, Kaser examines the current trends of how the internet is affecting information price and distribution. He also examines the underlying cultural trends and attitudes towards freedom of information in our culture.

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