Prices of Performances Over Time

abagond. (2007, May 2). Money in Shakespeare’s time. Abagond. WordPress Blog. Retrieved from

In this source, Abagond(the blog author) gives the average wages of workers around the time the Shakespeare would have been writing plays.


Alchin, L. (2005). The Old Globe Theater History. William Shakespeare: The Complete Works. Informative. Retrieved from

This source gives information about the cost of attending a Shakespearean play at the Globe.


McManus, B. (1999, October). Structure of the Greek Theater. CLS 267: GREEK TRAGEDY. Class Website. Retrieved from

This page has information about Greek theater, how much it would have cost to attend, who attended, what it looked like, etc.


Hopkins, K. (1983). Murderous Games: Gladiatorial Contests in Ancient Rome.History Today33(6). Retrieved from

This source discusses Roman entertainment, which was often gladiatorial combat. It also talks about how it was paid for, what was attractive about the sport, and a number of other things.


Trumbull, E. (2007, November 16). Medieval Theatre.NOVA. Educational. Retrieved from

This page looks at medieval theater in the tenth and eleventh centuries. It desribes how they were paid for and who hosted theatrical events.


Minimum Wage and What It Buys You: 1950s to Now. (n.d.).The Fiscal Times. News. Retrieved from

This slideshow discusses the prices of things in the 1950s and compares them to the prices of things today.


Manuel, D. (n.d.). What It Used To Cost. Informative. Retrieved from

This tool has information on what movie tickets, gold, and oil have cost every year since 1910.

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